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These are some frequently asked questions, kindly contact us for further assistance if you can't find the answers to your questions here.

Do I need a visa to Vigo Spain?
This will depend on the country you will be coming from. Some countries don't need a visa to enter Spain, but others do. You can find out if you need a visa to enter Spain using this link. If your country is part of the list provided in the link given below then you need a visa to visit spain. If you don't find your country, then you don't need a visa. Check it here Countries who needs visa

What are the ticket prices for DjangoCon Europe?
For everything concerning ticket kindly check it here Tickets

Do you provide Invitation to aid visa application?
The organizers of DjangoCon offer invitation letters to assist with your travel arrangements. Click here to request one

How do i apply for grant for DjangoCon EU 2024
Grant Application is closed.

What do i do if i am refused visa but still bought tickets
Sorry, hopefully that doesn't happen, but if it does send an email to our email here
and the team will get back you.

Are there options for virtual participation?
Yes there are, but you would need to purchase a ticket before getting access to the platform , allowing you to stream live, you can
get the virtual ticket here Virtual Tickets

Where is the exact venue for the event
The venue is located at the very heart of Vigo, on the seafront, facing the Cíes Islands and Mar de Vigo.
to know more about how to get to the place vist the venue page here. Venue

My company doesn't allow traveling by plane anymore
Vigo has two railway stations: URZAIZ where departs the AVE (Spain's high-speed train), and GUIXAR, located in Areal St., both of them right in the city centre. Know More

How do i get to Vigo?
Kindly check this page, it should answer all your questions

Will there be breakfast, lunch and dinner
Lunch and Coffee breaks are included. Dinners are not included

Would all session be recorded, also the once under the workshop