7 December 2023

So, DjangoCon Europe 2024 is back again and it’s going to be 5 full days of talks, tutorials and sprints - from June 5 to 9:

  • Conference talks: June 5-7 (Wednesday-Friday)
  • Sprints: June 8-9 (Saturday and Sunday)

In the near future, we will have more info about the conference, which we will publish on the website. This will include more details about the tickets, talks, workshops, grants, code of conduct, etc. For now, here is a summary of that info.


As with past years, there will be a travel grants program to assist people with financial difficulties, people who are under-represented or from marginalised groups - allowing access to an event that otherwise would be very difficult position for them to attend;


If you're interested in sponsoring the event, please get in touch at

Talk proposals

You can already start to prepare your talk, and for that, we recommend that you watch the talk “How To Get On This Stage (And What To Do When You Get There)” by Mark Smith. If you think you have something great to talk about – start to prepare your talk! If you are unsure, talk it over with somebody, or go to Slack to find previous speakers and participants to discuss your idea with. When in doubt, submit your talk!


As you can imagine there is a lot to do, but it's very much worth it – DjangoCon Europe is an extremely friendly, open, inclusive, and informative (for beginners and advanced users alike) conference. Join us regardless of your prior experience: this is also an opportunity to learn! In other words, you don't have to be an expert to join. Below are the teams and their activities/responsibilities that we seek help with:

  • Communications: Press, community relations, announcements, social media, attendee tools, volunteer coordination
  • Support and hospitality: Helpdesk, attendee support contact, visa help, travel management, chat support for attendees, on-site volunteer organization, speaker support;
  • Financial aid and diversity advocate: Setup, grant selection, aid organization, accessibility considerations, outreach on-site;
  • Sponsors: Outreach to companies, organizing their logistics at the event and other types of visibility;
  • Program: Committee work, talk selection, scheduling, session chairs, sprint/open space/keynote/lightning talks session organization (we will open the CFP soon!);
  • Code of Conduct: Drafting documents, handling of requests and issues.

You can apply through this form here.

Your location before and during the event is not significant, since it will be hosted in a hybrid format. The only important thing is that you have the energy and free time to help organize a wonderful DjangoCon Europe. The official language of all these prior activities will be English, as well as the conference itself.

We expect new challenges but pledge our hearts and minds to do the best DjangoCon Europe we can, never giving up under these strenuous conditions. Please consider volunteering and join us, we need you!

We hope we'll see you all at DjangoCon Europe 2024, and don't forget to follow us @DjangoConEurope on Twitter, and also join our dedicated Slack channel.

Hoping for the best,
The DjangoCon Europe 2024 Organisers

6 December 2023

We will publish event announcements here.
Stay tuned and follow us on X (formerly known as Twitter): @DjangoConEurope!