Childcare at DjangoCon Europe and tech conferences more generally is an important factor that helps folks attend who otherwise may not be able to. We want to make sure that parents feel welcome bringing their children to DjangoCon Europe and that the availability of childcare is not a barrier to attending.

The Childcare Application Opening was on March 1st. The closing date for grant applications will be May 5th, 23:59 UTC.
We look forward to seeing you - and your kids - soon in Vigo!

If your country is not part of the Schengen Agreement, you will need to request a tourist Visa in the Spanish Embassy. Please refer to your local embassy for information on processing time.
More information here and here.

Are you planning to join us from abroad for DjangoCon Europe? To facilitate your travel arrangements and visa application process, we are pleased to offer official invitation letters to international attendees. This personalized letter aims to assist you in obtaining the necessary approvals by providing proof of your intent to attend our conference. Please note that this letter does not guarantee visa issuance but serves as a supporting document for your application. To request your invitation letter, simply fill out the required form with your details. Let's make your journey to DjangoCon Europe as smooth as possible!

you can also click here to fill the form.